So, What's All This Buzz About Coach Training?

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2021

"Coaching" has multiple meanings and applications, and coach training is the same.

Here, at Bridges Coaching, we adhere the same definition of coaching as the International Coaching Federation(ICF) and Christian Coaches Network International (CCNI). Both these world renown organizations define coaching as a set of conversational tools to come alongside someone and help them toward a goal of their choosing. 

Certain rules apply.

In this type coaching two values always happen.

  • The Coachee chooses the goal AND the pathway toward it.
  • The Coach never tells the client what they think they should do, rather they are a thinking partner with a conversational assist.

I never knew that coaching was so Biblical until I started my training!

God has been this type of coach from the beginning! In fact, He started the whole premise of choice and free will way back with Adam and Eve.

And people have been choosing wisely, and poorly, every since.

So, what's the buzz about Coach Training?

Coach Training helps you become adept at practicing Active Listening and Asking Empowering Questions. These skills are quite a value add to the other person as they come alongside and assist in the "A ha" moment, where person sees something in a new way that helps them move forward from where they are. 

Bridges trainees practice coaching in a wide variety of settings and locations. Alumni hail from around twenty states and several countries and use their coaching in ministry, family life, friendships, adult children conversations, working with aging parents, executive leadership and more. 

Maybe it's time you looked into all that coach training could offer you? If you are ready to level up your leadership, and help the people around you be the best version of themselves God offers, then Coach Training could be your next step!

Step One: Check out our website for more info on Coach Training.

Step Two: Click the "Save Your Seat" button to get in on the next cohort.

Step Three: Mark Your Calendar for 10:00 Saturday morning, January 16, 2021 and join our Q & A, hear more about coaching, meet alumni and facilitators and get in on the "Save Your Seat" discount for preregistration! SAVE THIS LINK for the open house!

God has great things in store for 2021! Kick it off well with coach training? 

Hope to see you there! 





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