NEW: Coach Training for Groups!

Uncategorized May 07, 2021

Over the years different pastors or leaders have inquired if there were a way to offer coach training for groups of leaders. They were not quite ready to invest at the level of certification but wanted to promote the coaching paradigm in their church, business, or organization culture. 

So, we did group Zoom training. Long before Zoom was a thing I would teach coaching principles from a big screen to groups of people gathered together in a room. It worked well but was limited by my availability. 

Then we offered the coach training videos to individuals. These are the same coach training videos used in the coaching certification course. Yet, like many online trainings, it can be a lonely process or one that gets back burnered.

Different pastors or leaders have asked for a middle option.

They wanted to access the videos and go through them as a group. 

You asked and we FINALLY listened. This option is now available. 

Click here for more info! (You'll see the group option in the middle of the options page.)

This launch price won't last forever, but we wanted to offer it to those who have been waiting for this program at a discounted price. Here's what you get:

  • 10 Individual Video Access codes 
  • 10 Professional Notebooks
  • Program guide to work through the videos in nine 75 minute group classes

Video access per person is normally $147, this group access will cut that price by about a third. At $1047* for 10 people, it's an investment worth your consideration.

Maybe it's time to plan for a weekly summer or fall group. Maybe you can use this program for leadership development or staff training. In any event, we pray this offering is a blessing to those who have been asking! 

Connect here!

Let's forward the kingdom together building bridges to what could be!



*Video access will be time-limited to 3 months once activated. Workbooks and access codes will be sent in groups of ten, but do not need to be used concurrently.  We will work with the honor system and ask that each person who participates uses a workbook and activates an access code.




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