I’m So Glad You Asked!

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2017

I just love a question that makes me glad you took the time to ask or answer it! How about you?

Here’s 10 options to use in your conversations (or to ask yourself) as we close out one year and open another.

– If you had to choose one word or one phrase for the last year what would it be?
– What are three things you accomplished this last year?
– Who is someone you invested in this last year?
– What is a prayer that was answered for you?
– Who made a difference in your life in this last year?
– What is one event did God loved in your last year?
– Where do you intentionally want to invest time and energy this next year?
– Who is someone you want to pray for this next year?
– If you could reach just one goal this next year what would it be?
– What character quality is God offering you to experience in a greater way this next year?

Happy New Year!

I pray you have some meaningful conversations with others and that you and God connect in new and exciting ways in the New Year!


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