Did You Miss It As Bad As I Did? Unpacking Core Competency #3

Core Competency #3: Establishes and Maintains Coaching Agreements

Full disclosure I didn't get this one as clearly as I get it now till after the course I designed called Next Level Coach Training. It was kind of embarrassing, and I was kind of doing it right, but this competency is the one I learned about most from the Mentor Coaches who work with our trainees in this course.

Our entry-level coach training, Coaching Culture, offers Life Coach certification and in that course we focus on making sure coaches know how to set up a contract for engaging an actual client. We work through a Welcome Packet and talk through what a session should look like. 

I used to think that was the majority of what it meant to have a quality coaching agreement, but we were just getting started. This is simply the first part of this competency - establishing a coaching agreement.

I had been trained to offer the client choices on their focus and to define what we were going to talk about. Then it was my job to notice if we went on a rabbit trail and to ask if we were redirecting our focus. This is much more what "maintaining the coaching agreement" is all about.

Regularly checking in with the client to see if the conversation is moving in the direction they want it to go. It's important to note, that a good coach may realize that the conversation needs to go deeper than simply coming up with action steps. Core beliefs may be uncovered. Obstacles may need to be addressed before action steps can be made. In fact, the root items may be the most valuable items to talk through.

The opposite of maintaining the coaching agreement is when a coach diagnoses what is most important and directs the conversation toward the priority they feel is best. This happens in regular conversations as well, not just in coaching sessions.

Turns out most humans think they know what is best for other humans, especially if they are in some type of caregiving role. Learning to help other people discern what is most important is a way we can serve them rather than making ourselves out to be the expert for their journey.

God does this with us!

God planned for us to have free will and then He offers us His Holy Spirit to guide us. He wants us to willingly move toward what He has for us. He allows us to choose our pace and our priorities. He is patient and kind when it takes us longer than maybe it should.

When choosing a coaching mindset we partner with the other person to come alongside them, to honor their journey as a disciple. 

God help us to be like you in this way!

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