Is God Pleased With You?

pleasing god success Mar 15, 2023

Last Sunday our pastor ended the service with a question:

"Do you know God is pleased with you?"

I"ve been pondering that all week. What does it mean for God to be pleased with us?

We all get that our works are not what pleases Him. We can never be enough. It would be like trying to fill an ocean with our tears, we will always fall short...

So, what about us pleases Him?

I've been doing a word study on just that and want to share some initial thoughts here. Here are some verses that really stuck out to me.

"Those who are right with me will live by faith. But if they turn back with fear, I will not be pleased with them.” Hebrews 10:38

"A person might have to suffer even when it is unfair, but if he thinks of God and can stand the pain, God is pleased". 1 Peter 2:19
"The Lord is pleased with those who respect him, with those who trust his love." Psalm 147:11
"The Lord is pleased with his people; he saves the humble." Psalm 149:4
"Those who find me find life, and the Lord will be pleased with them." Proverbs 8:35

My initial thoughts are that God is pleased by faith and humility, respect, and our quest to find HIm.

In Coach Training, we say, "Success is an active relationship with God."

God is not so much pleased when we do certain things, He is pleased when our heart is toward Him no matter what is going on in us or around us.

  • God is pleased with the couple facing infertility that holds on to Him in the midst of the struggle.
  • God is pleased with the person who feels misunderstood but carries on in their faith through the pain.
  • God is pleased with the business person who faces difficulty but keeps looking to Him for answers.
  • God is pleased with the people who are praying through a situation and not giving up.
  • God is pleased with the release of hurt or pain and the offer of forgiveness.
  • God is pleased when we share our hearts and lives with Him, in quest of finding Him in the midst of our stuff.

You CAN please God right now!

Your faithfulness to Him no matter your circumstances is a beautiful act of worship!

Lift up your heart to Him. Share your life with Him.

Let His face shine on you right where you are.

He will meet you there and give you hope and strength and wisdom and courage and ...

It may not be easy, and it may not be immediate, but He will meet you there in the secret place.

Don't give up! He is waiting there, smiling and pleased to be with you and in you.


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