What Jesus Could Have Said... a one chapter snapshot

Jesus loved to ask questions. He often replied to questions with questions or used questions to teach. 

Questions get people thinking.

Let's take a look at just one chapter of the Bible and see how Jesus used this tool. 

Luke 20 finds Jesus in the temple teaching.

In Luke 20:3 Jesus is answering a question about where His authority comes from and He says, "I will also ask you a question. Tell me: When John baptized people, was that authority from God or just from other people?"

Jesus could have simply answered the question. He could have said, "My authority comes from God, who is my Father. He and I are one with the Holy Spirit." 

Why do you think He didn't just say it clearly like that?

He goes on to tell a story of a vineyard owner and his son.

(Side note: Jesus often told stories and then just walked away - I would have probably taken great pains to explain the story and make sure the listeners "got it". Do you think He just trusted the Holy Spirit to reveal the meaning?)

After the vineyard story, Jesus quotes a prophecy and asks what it means. Another question. 

Next comes a trap where the powers that be want to trick Jesus and get him to say something against the government. Jesus responds to the tax question with a question. Luke 20:24, "Show me a coin. Whose image and name are on it?" This is the time when He says to give to Ceasar what is Ceasar's.

Why do you think Jesus used a question here instead of a tell?

Two more foci in this chapter. 

In a rare straightforward teaching method, Jesus reveals how marriage works in heaven and how God is the God of the living not the dead.

Then another question: "Why do people say that the Christ is the Son of David? ... ”David calls the Christ ‘Lord,’ so how can the Christ be his son?”“

Jesus regularly offered "Aha" moments and paradigm shifts by asking questions. Watch for how He crafted questions when you are reading the Gospels.

How about you? How about us?

What kind of questions is Jesus asking us today?

And how can we incorporate questions as we interact with others?

I'd love to hear your thoughts - reply to this email or drop a comment in the chat!? 

Asking insightful questions is a learned skill. We can help you grow and you can help others grow bu asking better questions.  


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