3 Common Ministry Mistakes Well-Meaning Leaders Make

We don’t mean to, but it happens...

We set out to help people, but sometimes we end up not being effective at best, and possibly even hurting at worst.

Here are 3 mistakes well-meaning leaders make:

1. We tell people what to do.

In the long run, this approach can backfire one of two ways. One, if we are right, we have taught people they need to come to us in order to move forward. This puts a cap on our leadership potential to however many people we can meet within a day or week. Two, if we are wrong, it’s even worse. They can become bitter toward us or even toward God.

What if instead of telling people what to do we taught them how to discern for themselves?

2. We have the same conversations over and over.

Have you ever seen a person’s name pop up on your phone and had a little groan pop up in your heart? Be honest. Sometimes, we have the same conversations over and over with people who are stuck in some sort of way.

What if you were able to direct conversations that actually made every chat as interesting as a movie? (Or at the very least kept people who didn’t really want to get unstuck from telling you why they just can’t move forward.)

3. We feel the responsibility for other people’s spiritual growth or well-being is on us.

Good leaders take their people from one space to the next, right? They lead and people follow. If people aren’t growing it’s the leader’s fault for not developing a good enough plan or system.

What if you could learn to ask questions that would help people actually enjoy taking responsibility for their own life?

So, who could actually benefit from coach training? Well, pretty much anyone who wants to help people grow. Anyone who wants to see the people they work with connect with all that God has for them!

  • Pastors/Ministry leaders
  • Business leaders
  • Small Group leaders
  • Parents
  • Friends
  • Spouses

Before Coach Training I often felt the pressure to produce results for others, now I know I am responsible for just me.

It feels very freeing to move forward as I “carry my own load” (Galatians 6:5) and help others to do the same.

I learned that coming in between a person and God is not the new testament way. (Hebrews 8)

And the part I learned to love the most is that God has a personal journey for each of us! The adventures never stop!

Here’s some more info on the upcoming coach training cohort: Move Forward Together

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