Which One Are You?

Dreamers tend to have an idea a minute. 

You know the type. They are pretty quick with a "What if?" They keep us moving forward, trying things and improving what is already there. 

Maybe you are the type. You have more vision than there are years in the century. It's a gift and a curse because you always have more good ideas, but it's hard because you probably can't do them all. (And let's be honest, sometimes you start stuff that doesn't get done.)

SO, how do you decide what to do when? And how? And with whom?

Coaching can help! In fact, that is one of the outcomes coaching is designed for!

Now, let's talk about Doers.

Doers get stuff done. Their focus is less on what could be and more on what is.

You know the type. They are hard-working, dependable, and responsible. They seem to be tireless.

Maybe you are the type. You don't need someone to check up on you because your internal motivation will keep things running smoothly and get the stuff checked off the list. It's a gift and a curse because, you love getting stuff done, but your reward is that people give you more stuff. (And let's be honest, sometimes you wonder why you keep taking more on.)

SO, how do you decide when to say yes? And how to say no? 

Coaching can help! In fact, that is one of the outcomes coaching is designed for!

Whether you are more a dreamer or a doer coaching can come alongside you and help make you the best you that you can be! The you God designed for you to be!

Coaching helps you identify a goal, remove the obstacle that has kept you from moving forward, make SMART goals, and have a plan to tend your movement!

What's not to love!

Here's 4 ways to lean in to good coaching!

1- Get the Traction book. Bang for the buck, this is the best investment you can make. (Disclaimer: books only work if you read them and follow the pathway.)

2- Hire a coach! Our Bridges Associate Coaches would love to help you move forward in whatever areas or ways you bring to the table. Check out who is available.

3- Go through the Coach Training video series. You'll get 3-month access to the same videos we use for Coaching certification and the associated professionally printed workbook that goes along with them. This training has been a life-changing paradigm shift for so many!

4- Save your seat for our next Life Coach certification course

BONUS: if you really want to know more about whether you are a dreamer or a doer and so much more our Destiny by Design course will help you understand your internal DNA and move toward writing your own Life Purpose Statment. (There's a video option there as well.)

The best dreams only make it to reality if someone plants the dream seeds in the ground and tends them!

Being a doer isn't the be-all-end-all, doers need to dream too and they need to have lives outside their checklist! 

Coaching helps both dreamers and doers!



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