What's Up With Your Middle?

Let's talk about middles. 

We all have them. We are all in the middle of something. 

Maybe we are literally traveling, but more likely we are in the middle of a project, or a life change, or making a decision.

Every actual accomplishment has a start and a finish. 

It's the middle where the work happens though. Or where we get stalled out.

In Proverbs 4:11 God says, "I am guiding you in the way of wisdom, and I am leading you on the right path."

It's a matter of discernment isn't? Figuring out how He is guiding us takes savvy. We get an inkling of where we should move toward something and we either heed it or we don't.

There's discernment needed for timing too. Sometimes we put things off that we should invest right away, or we jump the gun and put our energy into something too soon.

But most often we lose heart after we get started and stall out. Middles can be costly or boring or just plain take too long.

Good Coaching helps you:

  • Discern your next destination with more clarity 
  • Define your next steps with confidence
  • Actually deliver on completion

Here's a few personal examples.

Coaching helped me start, have a sustainable pace, and complete my next book (it should be published this next month). Coaching helped me add water to my regular daily rhythms. Coaching is helping me build Bridges and move forward. Coaching has helped me resolve several differing relational conflicts. Make plans for future family gathering. And even get stuff done around the house.

Where are you in the middle of something?

BIG NEWS: We are working on launching a Destiny By Design cohort coming up soon. For more info click here. If you are not sure your next career or ministry step, are in a transition, or want to prepare for something coming up, this could be just what you are looking for!

If you need a coach to walk you through a middle, we just updated our Associate Coaches page and have multiple competent coaches who could partner with you!

Here's to your journey! 

Don't get stalled out in a middle! Or worse yet, don't get stuck never starting something God has for you!



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