How To Help Your Client Prep For The Next Time THAT Happens!

[Tips and Tools Series]

You know that thing. The one that really ticks you off. And you're like "AHHHH!!! Why does this keep happening? Can't they see this isn't right?"

Or maybe you're more self-focused and you react to the thing by wishing you weren't so________________ (insert self-judgment here, so quiet, so moody, so wordy, so hot.... whatever.)

Whichever it is here's a quick tip to prepare for the next time THAT happens. 

Let me introduce the "Rethink and Prethink".

It's simple really.

You go back to that moment in your mind and define when you were triggered and how you reacted. Whether the other person was at fault or the situation wasn't right is not our immediate concern, but more so how we reacted in that moment.

Many times we live in a state of regret or anger. Or maybe we vacillate between both. 

The key is to look back and redo what happened in your head. Then rethink it. What should you have done? How would you like to have shown up?

Now take what you came up with and prethink what you want to do if you are ever in that situation again. How do you want to show up?

You can predesign your next "that"!

Recently, I was in a situation that completely caught me off guard. I'm not happy to say I didn't handle it in the best way. I didn't blow up, but I wasn't calm, curious, or in control. 

I am happy to say that I had to face that same situation again and I rethought what I would do if THAT happened again. THAT didn't happen, but I was ready in my head and heart to show up how I wanted to. 

We are all writing the story of our lives. How you want to be portrayed is up to you!

The Rethink and Prethink method does a few things.

1) It allows you to consider the angles of the potential recurring situation ahead of time, and reduce the shock factor.

2) It gives you a chance to do it the first time in your head and not on the fly. 

3) Pre-envisioning gives you the opportunity to choose your response instead of settle for your reaction.

Whether you are helping yourself or helping your client, the Rethink and Prethink is a valuable tool!

As believers, we are all in a transformation process. 

Romans 12:2 says, "Do not be shaped by this world; instead be changed within by a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to decide what God wants for you; you will know what is good and pleasing to him and what is perfect."

New ways of thinking and deciding what God wants for you is what good coaching helps with!

At Bridges Coaching we are all about making disciples not dependents - helping people learn to discern God's plan for their lives.

If you are ready to upgrade your impact and help your people grow rather than depending on you, coach training may be just what you are looking for! Is it time to "Save your seat" for the next cohort! 


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