What If The Answer Is Closer Than You Think? [spoiler alert - kinda gross story]

So, it's come to this. I went to Costco to get a hearing aid! I KNOW RIGHT! I can't be getting older, I should be able to hear for a lot longer... and all the things.

When my appointment finally came around it was way shorter than planned for two reasons.

1- they said that asymmetrical hearing loss was a medical red flag and I needed to go to an ENT specialist before moving forward.

2- they threw me a curve ball and said my good ear was completely blocked and they wondered how I could hear out of it at all.

(This is where the gross part comes in.) They told me never to clean my ears with a Q-tip but to use soap and hot water in the shower. 

So, I tried it.

It didn't work!!

My "good ear" then became my bad ear! I must have dislodged the build-up and really messed up my ear. I couldn't even hear my blow dryer from that side that morning. With only the hearing from my bad ear, I was nearly deaf. It felt like people were teasing my, moving their lips but not saying anything. It was a very alone feeling. 

Then someone suggested I go to Urgent Care and get my ears cleaned out. 


I would likely have kept trying in the shower and waiting until I could see an ENT. 

The Urgent Care visit worked! I can hear better than before the Costco visit. I didn't even know what my real problem was (blocked good ear) and then I didn't see the answer was simpler than I thought it could be. 

What if the core of whatever you are dealing with is not what you thought it was?

What if the core is:

  • the idea is right but the timing is off.
  • there is something you need spiritual healing from before you can move forward.
  • the problem isn't external as you had thought, but somehow you need to take ownership of the next step.
  • there is a lie holding you hostage from thinking you could get unstuck.
  • you just need a leg - up and the answer is simpler than you thought.

Can encourage you to take some time and think about any area in your life that needs some attention? What is the end goal you hope to achieve? What is holding you back from taking a step, even a baby step, toward that goal? How could you make a SMART goal and gain some traction?

These and other questions are all a part of a good coaching regimen!

Don't settle for not hearing well!

The answer could be closer than you think!

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What is moving forward in that one area worth to you? 


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