Coaching Culture

Lean into this Biblical conversation model to help others move toward their best "next" through coaching!

Level up your impact through coaching

In this course, you'll learn...

  • to feel confident you’re leading people toward the growth and ownership God has for them!
  • ...the best way to decrease the time you spend in repeated conversations about the same things over and over, and increase your effectiveness while freeing up more time!
  • leaders can often accidentally (and innocently!) sabotage the growth of the people around them.

Do you have a desire to help others grow?

Maybe you’re in a ministry leadership position, and the primary goal of your role is to help people grow in maturity and be more like Christ.

Or maybe you’re a believer who has found other people coming to you - friends, family, co-workers, or small group leaders - and you want to help people take more purposeful steps forward.

Coaching is by far the most powerful method I know for helping others take ownership of their lives and gain traction in the issues that matter most to them.

I'm talking about helping people who literally have not taken action in years about things they say are important to them, and seeing breakthrough happen in just a few short weeks or months.

You’ll learn the most common ways that leaders tend to hold their people back, and by the end of the course, you'll feel confident you know how to equip those around you to pursue everything God has for them.

We All Want to Make a Difference

Whether you’re in a leadership role in your ministry or marketplace environment, or a believer who simply wants to make a difference in the kingdom of God, we all started out wanting to help people grow, right?

  • Pastors: we want to shepherd our members to grow in obedience and Christlike maturity
  • Small group leaders: we want our group members to grow in Bible knowledge, care for each other, and engagement in our communities.
  • As individuals: we care about our co-workers and family members, and we desire for them to make healthy decisions.
  • As business leaders: we want to represent kingdom culture at its best!

At our core, we want to know that our investment is making a difference! When we approach our lives, and relationships, within the coaching paradigm everything changes.

That’s what coach training does: it gives us the skills to actually help people move forward. There's no need to leave conversations or meetings and wonder if they made a difference in real life. Instead, by using coaching tools, we can be assured people are taking steps towards the goals that matter most.


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Bridges Coaching's coach training program is a unique blend of video content, group classes, peer sessions, experiencing coaching, and practicing coaching under the care of a trained facilitator. No other coaching program includes such diversity and depth of training at this price point.

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10+ hours of video training 

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Professionally printed notebook

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Life Coach Certification Program


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Experience the complete Coaching Culture program with a designated cohort including:

3 live group classes facilitated online

11 live online sessions with your peer partner & trained facilitator

Personal Coaching

Coaching Practicum

10+ hours of video training (Lifetime access)

Online Community

Professionally printed notebook

Resulting in: Life Coach Certification

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Hi, I'm Cindy Scott. I've spent most of my adult life in ministry. As I've talked with so many pastors, small group leaders, and other influencers over the years, I've noticed a common theme: many leaders see a gap between where their people are and where they could/should be...

It's easy to think we're doing something wrong:

"If only they have the right teaching" or

"If only I were more inspiring or available or  ___________ (you fill in the blank.)"

But despite all the hours spent in training, meetings, reading, and group teaching, the problem persists. Sure, some people are growing, but not at the scale we know is possible.

Can you relate? Do you wish you could help the people around you move forward in whatever areas they needed to?

I've been there, too

A number of years ago I was a dean at a Bible school. I listened to student after student share their problems with me. As I listened and cared for them, I offered what I thought was helpful advice.

A month later, they'd be back in my office with the same problems again. I'd dive in with even more ideas, but eventually, I realized I needed something different. And they needed me to be something different if I truly wanted to help them!

That's when I found coaching. I learned I was "telling " way too much, and not encouraging them to own their own lives - to choose their preferred outcomes, recognize their possible options, and choose potential action steps.

When I started listening and asking empowering questions about goals and choices, I felt a release from the pressure to provide answers and they found the traction they needed! 

This simple paradigm shift changed everyone!

Instead of feeling like I needed to be a wise and learned expert I simply began asking questions like: "What's one thing you could do to move forward this week?"

Right before my eyes, things started to change. These people I loved stopped coming to me simply to vent. They learned to connect with God for themselves, take ownership of their lives, grow in confidence, and most importantly: they began to actually move forward in the things that mattered most to them.

Coaching transformed the way I interacted with the people in my work and personal life - and it can do the same for you.


Coaching is a straightforward and powerful tool for unlocking people's desires and dreams.

But it's not for everyone.

Some leaders are used to telling people what to do. In fact, some even enjoy the power and authority they have.

Coaching isn't for these people.

But if you want to...

  • empower and enable those you lead to go farther faster
  • multiply your impact by raising up mature believers who can hear and respond to what God is speaking
  • free your schedule by not holding repetitive meetings with people who are dependent on you

Then coaching is most definitely for you!

“Coaching has added years to my ministry shelf life”

My husband, Eric, said the words above to me just a few years ago as he was learning coaching. As a care pastor, he's wonderfully people-oriented and compassionate.

But he realized he could do more and make a greater impact if, instead of helping carry people’s burdens for them, he coached them into healthy and life-giving decisions.

As he stepped out in coaching, the people he ministered to grew in their ownership of their problems and questions, and this lightened his own sense of responsibility toward their trials. 30+ years into ministry, he has a renewed sense of energy and vision for his work - and the same feeling is possible for you as well!

"Bridges Coach training has given me a pathway to lead with curiosity. This mindset shift has allowed me to enjoy the journey of another person’s life, helping them toward the clarity they need. So, rather than feeling like I need to drive people to a certain outcome, I have learned to guide the conversation toward where the Holy Spirit is already leading them. Taking coach training offered me opportunities in Executive coaching that would not have been nearly as effective without Bridges Coaching.""

Eric Peoples
Lead Pastor, Executive Coach

"Cindy's content is gold and the process she introduces you to is transforming. The investment of my time and energy in being taught by this seasoned coach-trainer was beyond worth it. I highly recommend Bridges Coaching to anyone wanting to live, lead and coach at another level!"

Joshua Finley
Leadership Speaker & Coach

"Bridges Coaching has been one of the most worthy “yes’s” I have said. From taking the 3 coaching courses to becoming a life coach and course host for Destiny by Design, it has been life-giving, inspiring, and full of growth. It is a privilege to get to walk with people as they discover more of who God is, how He has made them on purpose for a purpose, what He is doing in their hearts and how to walk that out intentionally."

April Lonneville
Bridges Coaching Destiny by Design Course Host

Coaching is both Biblical and effective

Ministry leaders need a variety of skills: public speaking, Bible knowledge, administration - and many more. Coaching is one of the best tools you can use to encourage personal growth because it's both Biblical and highly effective.

It’s Biblical

Coaching is built on listening to people, asking powerful questions, and helping others identify and take ownership of the next steps they need to move forward in life. How does this line up with Biblical principles?

  • God often chooses to ask questions to draw out principles and help people learn. (Gen 3:9, 1 Kings 19:9, Matt 6:27, Matt 8:26, Matt 16:15)
  • God does not control our decision-making, but releases us to choose our path. Our leadership should reflect God's heart for us. (Gen 1:26-29, Gal 5:13)
  • Coaching encourages people to grow up and carry their own load, growing spiritual muscles in the process. (Gal 6:5)
  • The opposite approach of telling others what to do isn’t necessarily Biblical, and if we're honest it can be manipulative and controlling. This doesn't remove the need for teaching in other contexts, but coaching promotes personal conversations that bring transformational change.(1 Tim 2:5)
  • Telling someone what to do can be a poor model as it is a lose-lose proposition:
    • If you're right in your direction, you've taught them to come to you when they need to hear from God; this can lead to manipulation or domination, or at least stunt their growth.
    • If you're wrong, it can be even worse if they become disillusioned with God or the church, and then use this situation as an excuse to walk away from God.
  • Helping people learn to hear from God for themselves, even if they mess up, is the God-model for growth that coaching promotes! (Heb 8:7-11)


It’s effective (It works)

  • When a person comes to an “Aha” moment on their own, that is when real learning and transformation begins.
    • Ex: "Aren't you going to wear a coat?" doesn’t usually work as well as allowing someone to get cold and remember on their own in the future.
  • Nagging, preaching, harping - whatever you want to call it - doesn’t work.
    • The person may comply but likely only in your presence.
    • People become numb or deaf to hearing advice when they aren’t asking for it.
  • People grow from success they've had hearing from God and taking action out of their own free will. Experience, whether from success or failure, helps people learn and do better next time.
  • Individuals need to carry their own load.
    • Sometimes caregivers, spouses, parents, or friends are more concerned about a person's problems than the person themselves. People need to feel their own need for change. They will often not have the personal fuel for change if someone else is solving their problems or continually pushing them beyond where they want to grow.
    • When everyone carries their own load, we realize we can't blame others for our own choices.



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Guarantee: 100% money back*

If you're unhappy with Bridges Coach's Coach Training course during the first 30 days, we will give your money back.

We're convinced coach training will be revolutionary in your life and work. As you apply the skills of active listening and partnering with people as they grow in their personal journey with God, we're sure you'll be thankful for this course.

However, if you enter the program and you realize it's not for you, email our awesome support team at [email protected] within 30 days of signing up. Include a scan of your workbook up to that point, and we'll give you a full refund.

Now, we recognize we're taking a risk. Not only do we make all our video and printed content available to you immediately, but it causes significant problems to break up peer pairs once they're established.

But we would rather take that risk on ourselves, rather than leave you with any question in your mind whether this is a good investment.

BTW, we ask for a scan of your notebook because we're convinced that if you apply the principles we teach, you'll begin to see growth. We want to know you've taken steps toward honestly applying these principles. If you've done that and we're still not a good fit, we'll refund your money.

We believe in coach training, and we have every reason to think you will as well. If we're wrong, you can have your money back.

*Minus expenses paid

Included in Your Coach Training

Coaching Culture is offered in two different forms: an in-depth online video course, or a 12-week certification program which includes Life Coach Certification from Bridges Coaching. Read more on these options below.

Both forms of training will teach you to:

Recognize the difference between coaching and counseling

...and how to know when to use each one in your ministry.

Avoid “infantizing” people

...the relationship-killing habit we can all fall into that holds others back from forward progress.

Understand the Biblical roots of coaching

...explore the power of free will and how God has made a way for us to connect directly with Him in the New Testament!

Embrace healthy boundaries for care ministry

...taught by my very own care pastor husband! Avoid getting bogged down by other people's burdens.

Practice the "presence" of Active Listening

...with specific prompts and practice assignments to build healthy listening habits into your life.

Ask powerful (empowering) questions

...unlock the core issues that hold people back from moving forward

Prompt people into action WITHOUT being controlling

...with the 4-step NICE model for asking life-transforming questions.

Implement my proprietary coaching framework

...we call it the Coaching ROAD - an easy resource for you to remember to apply coaching in your everyday life.


Two coach training options

Choose the form of training that best fits your needs: online-videos at your own pace, or group training with Bridges Coaching certification.

Video course


10+ hours of video training

These videos are the same ones used in the certification course and give you direct access to Cindy's 1,500+ hours of personal coaching experience, as well as the wisdom she's given to 200+ certified coach trainees over the last decade.

Professionally-designed workbook

This notebook is a light version of the certification course and includes all the notes for the videos as well as processing prompts.

Flexible schedule

The video option allows you one year access to the videos and the option to start your training now and go at your own pace. 

A Launching Place to Certification

The price of the video option can also be used as a discount toward a seat in an upcoming Coaching Certification Cohort, within the first year after purchase. 


The Coaching Culture certification course is Bridges Coaching's premier coach training program. It includes:

12 weeks of content

A unique blend of live group online classes, the entire video curriculum, weekly facilitated peer pair meetings, associated reading, guided personal projects and more!

3 live group online classes

Hosted by a certified Bridges coach-trained facilitator, you'll meet with your entire class (cohort) to learn and process your learning together.

11 facilitated online peer pair meetings

These meetings are where you process the topic of the week with personalized application. Meeting with your peer partner* and a Bridges certified facilitator make for individualized training - quite possibly unique to Bridges training as most other coach training courses are in larger group settings. 

4 personal coaching sessions

During your peer pair sessions, you and your peer partner will be personally coached. You will get to experience coaching as well as observe coaching sessions - all within this course.

3 practicum coaching sessions

Also, included in this initial training are 3 guided coaching sessions, where you actually experience what it means to coach and gain experience in actual coaching sessions.

10+ hours of video training

These videos give you direct access to Cindy's 1,500+ hours of personal coaching experience, as well as the wisdom she's given to 200+ certified coach trainees over the last decade.


Life Coach certification

Upon successful completion of the coursework and the recommendation of your facilitator, you will be recognized as a trained life coach by Bridges Coaching. Some people use this course as a springboard into a coaching career; many others use these skills in their daily work and personal life.

*Most people meet in pairs, but occasionally there is a trio.

Included with both video course and certification!

Professionally designed & printed notebook

Almost every online course I have taken includes some nice PDF downloads, but that's about it. We want you to be much better equipped than that!

As a part of your class or certification we will ship you the corresponding professionally printed workbook that goes beyond the material just included in the videos themselves. The workbook includes:

  • Journaling Excercises
  • Prompts for discussion, either online or with a partner
  • Powerful activation exercises that help lock in the lessons you're learning.

The video notebook is over 50 pages and the certification one has more than 100 more pages of content! Each has note-taking guides, action steps, and supplemental exercises that will take your knowledge of coaching to the next level of activation!

This workbook, published exclusively for Bridges, includes the video notes and processing guide as well. Many use it as a powerful reference guide well after the course is over.

Join our Bridges Coaching online community

No one wants to walk alone, and with this course, you won't! You’ll get instant access, along with every other alumni who has taken coach training, to our online community.

You can ask questions, share success stories, and be encouraged in your coaching journey alongside others who are also living a coaching lifestyle.

You'll be able to tap into the encouragement and depth of experience of dozens and hundreds of like-minded believers who are building their lives around coaching principles.

In addition, I and my team of trained facilitators will join in the conversation with tips, resources, and encouragement all along the way.

Certification Course Details

Everything you need to know about meeting online in your group classes & with your facilitator and peer partner.

Key Certification Course Scheduling Requirements

Only for certification course trainees

The three all-cohort online meetings are one of the highlights of the course! Meet your fellow participants and process coaching principles together.

Group Class times and weekly peer pair sessions will be scheduled when registration closes.

Kickoff meeting

Meet your cohort of up to 12 fellow coach trainees and get a personal introduction to coaching.

Midpoint gathering

This is a crucial class on your journey toward partnering with those you lead. This class marks the transition from learning about coaching to setting up your first coaching sessions. 

Final Celebration:

This finish-line class marks the capstone of your coach training journey. Learn final lessons to lock-in your coaching knowledge and plan action steps to apply these lessons to your work and personal life.

Dates will be determined based on participant availability!

Generous Weekly Meeting Availability

Only for certification course trainees

Along with the all-cohort group classes you'll meet weekly with your facilitator and peer partner. Morning, afternoon, and evening sessions are available for most days of the week.

Each facilitator brings unique skills and perspectives to your meetings. 

Special requests*

Peer partner: it can be beneficial in some ways o go through coach training with someone you know. If you both request each other and your availability works with your facilitator, you will be partnered together.

Facilitator: you'll be matched with a peer partner and facilitator. If you happen to have a preference you can let us know.

Weekly meeting time: when you register you'll list your availability for your weekly call with your facilitator and peer partner.

Facilitators and meeting times are scheduled first-come, first-served; please save your seat ASAP to get your preferred weekly meeting and facilitator!

*If you've chosen the Save Your Seat option, you will get first dibs in pre-registration on your peer partner, facilitator, and weekly meeting time as well as $100 off your registration!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching Culture?

Coaching Culture is coach training offered exclusively by Bridges Coaching that equips you to help others move forward in their lives. Through a unique blend of live content (in the certification course) and in-depth video curriculum, you'll learn the tools of active listening, asking powerful questions, helping people recognize the season they're in, and much more.

How is Bridges' Coach Training different from other courses?

Many live coach training certification courses cost $2,500+ (plus travel expenses and vacation time!) for days of in-person teaching. Other distance trainings often omit personal, small group interaction. Bridges Coaching certification strikes a uniquely effective balance of teaching, live personal processing, the experience of being coached as well as observed practice coaching with live feedback from your trained facilitator. All the aspects I wanted in my coach training and all in your first level of coach training!

Is Coach Training for me?

If you work with people, you need coach training. Seriously! Whether you're a pastor, counselor, volunteer coordinator, or even a parent dedicated to developing young leaders in your family, coaching is a fundamental skill that helps others move toward their preferred future.

How is Coach Training delivered?

Certification course: over twelve weeks you'll meet with your cohort for three live whole group classes, and weekly with your facilitator and peer partner to discuss the selected videos and readings for that session. Also during the sessions each week, there will be a mix of personal coaching, and practice coaching as you receive feedback from your facilitator. You'll interact with the whole group in the weekly online forum to process what you're learning.

Video-only course: you'll receive the same video training as the certification course for you to go through at your own pace.

For both formats, a reliable high-speed internet connection is required. For the certification course, a webcam or similar online camera is also required so we can see your smiling face during live online meetings. We'll also have regular conversations in a private Facebook group, so you'll need a Facebook account as well.

How much time does the course take?

The certification course is a serious commitment over the 12 weeks of the course. We recommend you plan to spend about 4 hours per week between reading, watching videos, personal projects, processing what you're learning, and the online meetings.

The video-only course will take quite a bit less time, but we encourage you to slow down, journal, and do the hard work of applying these lessons to your life - we want you to get the most possible out of the course!

Is there support as I go through the course?

Absolutely! In the certification course, you'll talk weekly with your peer partner and trained facilitator, and they'll walk with you as you learn and apply each lesson. You'll also post every week to your all-cohort closed Facebook group and grow together with your fellow classmates.

The video course will have access to the private Bridges Coaching Facebook page, as well as email support to get answers for anything that comes up. (Can I be honest though - it works so much better if you go through with someone else. Start brainstorming who you could invite on this journey with you!)

How soon should I register?

This cohort will close as soon as it is filled.  So Save-your-seat as soon as possible to ensure participation in the next cohort!

Are there any deals going on right now?

YES! If you register in the Save-your-seat option for $100 when we open pre-registration you will be given a coupon code for an additional $100 off. 

Are there payment options?

The $1,697 one-time investment is our most popular option, but if you prefer monthly payments, you can pay four monthly installments of $450. 

How does the guarantee work?

Anytime within 30 days after you sign up, reach out to [email protected] with a scan or picture of your workbook up to that point. We don't get many refund requests, so we'd love to know why you're not satisfied, but either way, we'll refund your full payment right away to the original source of payment.

I have another question - who can I ask?

Shoot us an email at [email protected] - we'd love to help!

Cindy's content is gold and the process she introduces you to is transforming. The investment of my time and energy in being taught by this seasoned coach-trainer was beyond worth it. I highly recommend Bridges Coaching to anyone wanting to live, lead and coach at another level!

- Joshua Finley, Leadership Coach

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