Barb Ranck

I’m a working mom and wife, having held a 23+ year career developing people within organizations, including a Fortune 200 company.

Outside of work, I engaged with my family, friends, and community, though I struggled to find a successful balance. 

I know what it’s like to have all the rewards of achievements and still feel like I’m just “going through the motions.” It was taking a toll - on my health, on my relationships, and on my energy.

The tools I learned in corporate helped me become more professional and productive, but eventually my energy got "stuck." It wasn't until I learned a new set of tools through Bridges life coaching and Enneagram certification that I could address my specific energy blocks. 

My biggest realization was that I didn't have to “work harder” to have the fulfilling life I wanted. I also didn't have to wait on something else or someone else to change. 

When I gained clarity on the best path forward for me, the emptiness left and the energy returned. My health and relationships improved. I saw how these principles could also apply to organizations. 

As a trainer and coach, I recognize that the ultimate expert, of your life or organization, is you. 

For those I partner with, I specialize in situations where:

  • You're proactive, looking for tools to keep your/your organization's positive energy moving in the right direction.
  • As hard as you've worked to get to where you're at, your formerly productive energy is "stuck." Things that used to be energizing now seem endlessly draining. It feels like things are just going through the motions.

Positive progress is possible!

Rate: Rates are based on individualized needs (organizational or individual.)

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