Discover the Destiny God Designed for you

Unlock the personal path God has created for you, and learn how to lead others in finding their destiny as well!

Ever wonder what your best life could look like?

Pursue your preferred future to its fullest potential

It's a common question: "What should I do? Which way should I go?"

Sometimes it's easy to know something's future: if you're an acorn, it's easy to know you're supposed to grow up to be an oak tree! But for most of us, we can use a little help drawing out and identifying how God has made us.

Your destiny is seeded within you and this course will uncover your unique design including things like:

  • your motivational gift
  • your 7 mountains calling
  • your passions
  • your personality type
  • your dreams

and even more!

Along the way you'll be writing your own personal Life Purpose Statement!

Then, whether you choose to do the coursework on your own or with a coach you'll walk away with action steps to start the transformation of turning your dreams into goals!

What's seeded in you?

Join in the journey! The adventure has just begun!

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If your life story was a Netflix series, would you love it?

If you've been wondering if there's more to life than you've experienced so far, maybe it's time to make some new goals, pursue some dormant interests, or risk that adventure you've always dreamed about. Unlock your destiny so you can live the fullest life God has for you.

Adventure is out there! 

Hi, I'm Cindy Scott. Maybe our stories are similar?

You know that place between awake and asleep when you think about things that could be? I have some crazy ideas and dreams in there sometimes.

What if some of your dreams were actually inspired by God? What if my dreams or yours, are His heart trying to break out and impact the world around me?

I dream about writing books, doing retreats, sharing life-changing moments with people. I dream about leading a staff that shares the coaching paradigm and destiny discovery dreams I have. I dream helping couples love being married and walking through life together.

Each of us has different interests, skills and dreams. But there is one thing we all have in common:

God designed us all to enjoy adventure.

No one watches a TV series where nothing really happens and no one does anything. That series never even made it to a pilot.

And yet sometimes we think our lives are supposed to be like that. Drama free.

If there is no drama, no stuff to deal with, then there is no adventure.

Sometimes drama is imposed on us and the focus of our current season is chosen for us, like getting through something, healing, etc.

But, what if God is putting "What if..." ideas in your heart because He is offering the inspiration for a new season.

God doesn't want the drama of your life to end after this next episode.

There is always more. What's your next step?


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