Coach Training Facilitators

Meet your Coach Training facilitators. One of these trained coaches will meet weekly with you and your peer partner as you unpack life-changing coaching principles.

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All times are Eastern Standard Time, and apply to the Summer 2020 registration opportunity.

Joe Jansen – As the US Ministries Director for Elim Fellowship, Joe would describe himself as a recovering "teller". The coaching paradigm has become his primary discipling pathway and he is systematically training the leaders he supports. His niche is working with pastors and ministry leaders.

Joe will be taking one pair this cohort.

  • Availability: Tuesday (afternoon)

Lori Haley – Two areas are deep in her heart...Missions and Freedom! She is a Grammy of 8 and Mom of 3. Her family served for several years as home Missionaries in the capacity as house parents for children. Lori takes any opportunity to serve in areas around the world for short term missions, and loves using the skills God has given her to partner with others in their journey of transformational freedom that only comes through a relationship with Jesus.

Lori can take two pairs this session.

  • Flexible vailability: Monday - Friday (9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

Sarah Fulton - Sarah is a leadership and relationship junkie currently raising up 5 young leaders at home while doing coaching and coach training as well! She is fluent in Myers-Briggs personality typing. Sarah grew up in a ministry family and is married to a non-traditional minister, so her focus on ministry families is experientially deep.

Sarah is our course host and will be facilitating the group classes. She can also work with a peer pair or possibly two.

  • Availability: Wednesday, - Friday (afternoons), Wednesday -Thursday (evenings) Saturday (morning)

Tom Pileggi - As a pastor in upstate NY, Tom has found coaching culture to be paradigm shifting as he relates to people in his church, especially the young adults. He has a heart to help others make disciples not dependents.

Tom will work with one pair this cohort.

  • Availability: Tuesday - Friday (mornings), Monday,Thursday or Friday (evenings)
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